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Life Sciences
ANIM Animal Science L01

Toward Further Understanding in Human Addiction Using C. elegans

BCHM Biochemistry L02 Decay Away
  Biochemistry L03 The Effect of Cooking Methods on the Nutrients in Phaseolus Vulgaris
  Biochemistry L04 Toward Making Extrudable, Water-Soluble Plastic From the Shells of Gulf Shrimp
  Biochemistry L05 Resisting Digestion
BMED Biomedical & Health Sci L06 Biocompatibility of 3-D Printed Plastics with Staphylococcus epidermidis in Hy
BMED Biomedical & Health Sci. L07 Using Polymer Hydrogels for Drug Delivery
BMEN Biomedical Engineering L08 High-dimensional Single-cell Cytometry Analysis of Cancer Stemness
CBIO Computational Biology & Bioinformatics L09 Measuring Expression for Novel Variations in Enhancers using STARR-seq Data
CBIO Computational Biology & L10 How does gene expression compare between depression and schizophrenia in the h
CBIO Computational Biology & L11 Utilizing the WGCNA package in R to Identify Biomarkers for Infantile Spasms
CELL Cellular & Molecular Bio L12 Bacterial Transformation
CELL Cellular & Molecular Bio L13 “Differential Response to Temozolomide in Patient-derived Glioblastoma Cells
CELLL Cellular & Molecular Bio L14 The Effect of Mechanical Compression on Cancer Cell Proliferation
CELL Cellular & Molecular Bio L15 Testing the Geometrical and Chemical Structure of Methylbutenol Synthase: Find
CELL Cellular & Molecular Bio L24 Detecting Dust & Dander Allergens in IgE Sensitized Individuals Usin
EAEV Earth & Environmental L16 The Effect of SAP's on Soil Moisture and Plant Height -Solving The Drought Cri
EAEV Earth & Environmental L17 Roof Design that Collects all Precipitation and Natural Fertilizer
EAEV Earth & Environmental L18 Mathematical Modeling of Solar Radiation Management with Sulfur Aerosols
EAEV Earth & Environmental L19 Impact of Road Salt Usage On Atmosphere Concentrations of Cl and Na PM 2.5
EAEV Earth & Environmental L20 The Effects of Heavy Metal Contamination on Various Aquatic Organisms
MCRO Microbiology L21 Mechanism by Which Holy Basil Protects Human Cells Against Pneumonia.
PLNT Plant Science L22 Growth of Green Onions in different soil types
PLNT Plant Science L23 The Effects of Copper Sulfate on the Health and Growth of Dracena Sanderiana
CELL Cellular & Molecular Bio L24 (see CELL above)  Out of order -
Physical Sciences
CHEM Chemistry P01 Do Essential Oils Work
CHEM Chemistry P02 The Effect of Concentrations of Citric Acid on the Leakage of BPA From Plastic
CHEM Chemistry P03 Direct measurment of pH of Atmospheric Aerosol Particles
EBED Embedded Systems P04 Real Time Heart Rate Variability Analysis
EBED Embedded Systems P05 Canine Whisperer
EGCH Energy: Chemical P06 Solar Hydrogen Home
EGCH Energy: Chemical P07 Determining light-source location using Machine Learning and Solar Cells
EGCH Energy: Chemical P08 Testing the Electrical Energy Production Capability of Microbial Fuel Cells
EGPH Energy: Physical P09 Clean Electricity from Wastewater: Implementing and Improving Hydrokinetics
EGPH Energy: Physical P10 Do Fish Hold the Secret to Hydrokinetic Energy Harnessing?
EMNC Engineering Mechanics P11 Raspberry Pi Autonomous Cars Driving and Interacting
EMNC Engineering Mechanics P12 Electronic Tap Board
EMNC Engineering Mechanics P13 Wind Noise Reduction Device for the Hearing Impaired
EMNC Engineering Mechanics P14 Investigating Tuned Magneto-Rheological Reservoirs, Compression Systems, and S
ENEV Environmental Engineering P15 Reducing Carbon Emissions from a Coal Burning Plant
ENEV Environmental Engineering P16 The Construction of a Water Purification System
ENEV Environmental Engineering P17 Testing Biodegradable Compounds in Rubber Tire Formulations
ENEV Environmental Engineering P18 Mat Innovation for Mounting Ceramic Substrates
ENEV Environmental Engineering P19 The construction of a price reduced 3D printed turbidity meter
ENEV Environmental Engineering P20 Comparing the Electricity Output in Microbial Fuel Cells by Bacteria Type
MATH Mathematics P21 Bayesian probablity technique to estimate Schziophrenia genes
MATH Mathematics P22 Strong Matching Preclusion of the Generalized Petersen Graph
MATS Material Science P23 Optimization of Electro Pulsing on 3Y-TZP Ceramic Water Filter Sintering
PHYS Physics P24 Tharsis Montes:The Search for Palagonite and Its Implications for Martian Life
ROBO Robotics & Intelligent Mach P25 Intelligent Stock Investing
SOFT System Software P26 A Novel Mobile-Based Palm Vein Identification System
SOFT System Software P27 An Integrated Approach to Novel TSP-Based Clustering Algorithms
SOFT System Software P28 Eco-Friendly Lithium-ion Battery Reuse via Intelligent Energy Harvesting
SOFT System Software P29 Cloud-based Data Preparation for Medical Observational Research
SOFT System Software P30 One For the Road: A Texting Management App to Promote Safe Driving


To download ALL abstracts in Adobe PDF format, click here (caution, 68 pages), click here