Category CELL L12 Bacterial Transformation

Abstract The purpose of this experiment was to determine whether it is possible

to introduce foreign DNA into a bacteria for which one can transfer

other proteins. Bacterial transformation is a process by which bacterial

cells take up naked DNA molecules. Of the ways in which bacteria take

up DNA from their environment is through their cell wall. Through

various heating and cooling procedures, with very explicit guidelines,

this project was conducted. E. coli bacteria were used over a three-day

period under the supervision of Caitlyn VanGelderen, candidate of a

biochemistry and molecular biology at Michigan State University. The

plasmid was successfully taken up into the E. coli cells, and the proof is

that the colonies grew because if they did not have the plasmid, they

would not have been able to grow in the presence of the antibiotics,

ampicillin and kanamycin.



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