Category PLNT L22 Growth of Green Onions in different soil types

Abstract I wanted to demonstrate that plants can grow in many ground types. To

prove my demonstration I planted green onions in sand, soil, pebbles,

and just water. I also wanted to test which type would produce the most

amount of growth. To do this, I measured the change in height.

The data I needed to prove my demonstration was the growth of each

plant from each type of ground type. I need to measure each green

onion from where they were cut and the growth before they where

planted and after they where planted.

I noticed that the green onions that were planted in the sand had the

highest growth. The highest growth of the sand was 23.5, highest for

soil was 23, the highest for pebbles was 11.8 , and the highest for just

water was 10.8. I planted three green onions in every soil type to

ensure that my results were valid. From my results, I concluded that

the sand provided the best growing conditions for the green onions.



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