Category SOFT P26 Random Student Selection

Abstract Teachers always have cups full of popsicle sticks placed on their desks

that help them pick on students. ”To call on students randomly or

equitably, some teachers use cards or craft sticks with students’ names

on them.” Not all teachers take advantage of these utensils anymore.

Nowadays, everything is done on computers and displayed on


Currently, there is an application that helps teachers select students.

The application is called Popsicle Sticks: Teacher Picks. The

application also helps place the students into groups. This process is

done randomly. The only concern with the application is, “does the

application meet the teachers’ needs?” The teachers who used this

application, informed the researcher that it does not exactly help in the

best way possible. The main problem with the current application is that

it only fulfils the minimum needs. For example, the application limits

teachers to create only five groups that students would be placed in.

When teachers need more groups, they will have to purchase the

privilege to assign more groups.

The researcher of this project plans to make a better application. The

education of children is important to many people. An easy way to keep

children engaged and alert is to select their names randomly. In this

practice, students should be paying attention at all times. For this

action to happen, the teachers would give the students attention to

show the students how important paying attention is. When students

see other classmates participating, they will feel more encouraged and

comfortable to share their ideas.

A better application that allows teachers to work freely in their

classrooms will help them out to positively impact their students’

learning. Using the improved application, teachers will find a big

difference in their students’ learning trend. Staying in contact with

students helps teachers determine where their students stand

academically. At that point, teachers will plot a detailed plan to improve

their teaching skills.This strategy would help students to develop

stronger background and enhance their way of thinking.

Technology plays an important role in students’ educational career,

especially in the era of technology. The researcher hopes that the

improved application will benefit teachers and students comparably.

The improved application is created through a website that helps create

apps; it is called MIT App Inventor 2. This website is the best choice

because it is easy to use compared to other websites and many new

features to create an application are found on App Inventor. The

researcher took the teachers’ concerns in consideration as the

application was in the process of being created. The teachers provided

qualitative feedback via survey after they tested both applications, the

original application and the improved application.


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