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Individuals Using a ...

Abstract Detecting Dust and Dander Allergens in IgE Sensitized Individuals Using

a Capillary Tube Precipitation Test: A New Non-Intrusive

Antigen/Antibody Reaction Test

The purpose of this research was to determine if a new non-intrusive

allergy test can detect dust and dander allergens in IgE sensitized

individuals using a capillary tube precipitation test without the

associated risks in currently available tests. Eleven samples of saliva

were gathered from individuals with known allergies to cats, dogs, both

or neither; along with fur from two cats and five dogs. The dander from

the fur from each animal was extracted using water and in another trail

using acetone. Cat saliva was also used in one of the trails. One

milliliter of saliva was put into each test tube along with one milliliter of

antigen solution. There were six different trials with a total of 138 tests.

Results indicated that this non-intrusive test detected reactions in

several of the samples (see Table 1). Further research is needed using

a commercially available antigen Can f 1 solving both the

concentration and PH issues allowing for more consistent and reliable

results. There is no way to truly avoid dog and cat antigens one

hundred percent of the time, so hypersensitive people need to be able

to quickly, efficiently, and reliably diagnosis exactly what they are

sensitive to. This test would make this a reality for millions of people.

(Contains five tables and five figures).

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