Category MATH P21 Bayesian probablity technique to estimate Schziophrenia

Abstract First I will take pre-existing samples from NCBI, which is the National

Center for Biotechnology information. The data will be analyzed with

Geo2R based on the samples containing Schizophrenia and the

samples not containing it. The software will give me the top 250 genes

with the highest levels of expression. This will happen for the samples

from the superior temporal cortex and the samples from the anterior

prefrontal cortex. From that database, I will also take more data sets for

laboratory animals. I will take these genes and insert them into String

Db to better see the connections in Homosapiens and other species. I

then want to use probability distribution techniques like Bayes Theorem

to find out if

by combining probabilities that come from prior known proteins and

current observations in other species, I can predict the proteins and

genes that are downregulated or upregulated in humans.

Bibliography STRING: a database of predicted functional

associations between proteins.Christian von Mering1,2, Martijn

Huynen3, Daniel Jaeggi1,2, Steffen Schmidt1,2, Peer Bork1,2, and

Berend Snel3. Nucleic Acids Research, 2003, Vol. 31, No. 1Potential

genetic variants in schizophrenia:A Bayesian analysis. Hakan Hall et-al.

The World Journal of Biological Psychiatry, 2007; 8(1): 1222
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