Category EGPH P09 Clean Electricity from Wastewater: Implementing and

Improving Hydrokinetics

Abstract As the population of the Earth increases, so does the demand for

energy. Therefore, the damage being done to the environment is

exacerbated. This is because the most prevalent methods of obtaining

usable energy involve sources such as oil, coal and natural gas which

are harmful to the atmosphere. These resources are also finite, so

forward-thinking methods of generating energy should be employed. By

implementing new renewable energy projects, or improving the

efficiency of existing renewable technology, the environmental and

energy crisis can be offset.

Specifically, this project will explore and demonstrate potential

applications for hydrokinetic technology by generating clean electricity

from the potential energy of rainwater and storing the electricity into

energy-efficient capacitors. I will design the set-up using the Autodesk

software MAYA, and I will construct a hydropower generator to be

applied for use on the school campus.

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